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Building characteristics

Energy performance – A+ class;

Roof heat transfer coefficient – 0,10;

External wall heat transfer coefficient – 0,12;

Window heat transfer coefficient – 0,89 Uw;

Acoustic comfort – B class.

IMPORTANT: The lower the Uw value, the lower the thermal conductivity of the window and the less heat will be lost in your accommodation. The most commonly used value in Lithuania is from 0.89 to 1.4 Uw.

Construction work:

House Building supporting constructions of the external wall – monolithic reinforced concrete.


Pile – reinforced concrete.


Ventilated facades.

Finishing of hanging stoneware tiles – Tanum (60×120) Noce in Crema color and thermal timber cladding. Plinth – stone tiles. Superstructure insulation with insulating materials – 300 mm, basement walls – 200 mm.


Roofing – monolithic reinforced concrete, insulated with insulating materials. Superposed, gradients for water drain are formed of EPS 100, insulated with 20 cm PIR insulation – Kingspan Therma TR26 FM, waterproof coating – Protan SE 1,5 mm, rain water system, heated by electric cables. All parapets are insulated, hydrolyzed and tin coated. Superposed roof was selected due to the possibility to install and maintain solar energy collectors.

Overlay and ceiling:

Intermediate floor monolithic reinforced concrete, installation of sound and heat insulation system (12 cm).

 Flat/Apartment characteristics


Partitions in-between Barriers between flats / apartments are made out of two layers of 12 cm silicate bricks, using 10 cm plastered mineral wool as an interlayer. Corresponds to an improved B acoustic comfort class. Monolithic walls are plastered. There is possibility to make partitions changes if the parties agree on the current layout changes and confirm additional costs caused by changes.


Non-plastic monolithic reinforced concrete. The room height from concrete leveling base to the ceiling is at least 3000 mm.


All the apartment area is equipped with concrete leveling.


Almost all the flats / apartments have ducts and chimney flues installed for fireplaces.


Glued bleached wood windows solid (finger-jointed pine) with a triple-pane glass installed with special masking films: insulating film from the inside and wind masking film from the outside – thus ensuring excellent tightness and durability of the insulation between the window frame and the wall.

Balconies and terraces:

Full finishing. Balconies and terraces floors are finished with larch or pine thermo-wood floor. Terraces of larch or pine thermo-wood. Equipped with lighting and one outdoor outlet. Railing armrests of balconies are oaken.

Water supply / wastewater:

Household sewage pipelines constructed using PP sound-insulating pipes. The Pipes are installed in accordance with the project and are laid until the sanitary equipment.



Geothermal underfloor heating: computerized control system, remote control, individual automatic control for each room. Heat pump “Alfa innotec Alterra” and multifunctional capacity “Forstner”. Underfloor heating in the stairway.


Geothermal underfloor cooling system – “passive” working principle, energy saving motors of pumps (under the requirements of the EU), individual automatic control for each room. “Dew point” sensors guarantee the condensation control.

Solar collectors:

“VITOSOL” vacuum solar collector system is installed on the rooftop.  Fully automated, remote control, water heating and accumulation to meet the need for hot water and heating.

Ventilation – ductwork system:

“Sky Renovent” autonomous ductwork systems installed in all the flats / apartments. Programmed control. Automatic temperature control of the supplied air. Based on the calculations, the ventilation system should service ALL rooms of the flats / apartments.


Electrical network:

The electricity meters of flats / apartments are installed in the panelboard. The Flat / apartment has an intermediate electric panel with automatic switches and voltage.  The apartment has electric wires with copper conductors (at least 3 conductors), the scheme attached (approved by the Seller and the Customer in accordance with the terms of the Agreement) shows plastered distribution bases.

Low electric current:

PVC pipes are laid in the communications shaft, from the basement to the roof.   Fiber optic cable is installed by the service provider. The staircase of each floor has a low voltage distribution box and PVC pipes are laid from the box to the halls of the flats, where separate low voltage distribution box is placed. The installation is carried out by TEO or other possible suppliers, after signing the subscription agreement. An intercom – house door opening handset monitor (with video intercom function) is installed in the apartment.

Fire detection and fire alarm systems are installed in the parking lot and building stairwells. An addressable system (type A) is installed on the first floors of buildings A and C.

“Smart house“ control system is available under a separate agreement  (additional cost) : JUNG and Būsto Automatika

Finishing of stairwells and common usage areas


Monolithic concrete stairwell, part of the walls are painted, the other part – stoneware tiles. Metal painted railings, railing armrests – oaken. The stairwell, the stairs and the site is covered with stoneware tiles.

Entrance, common usage area, lounge:

Walls – painted with decorative plaster, flooring – stone tiles. Equipped with the prefabricated acoustic ceiling.  Equipped with intercom and magnetic opening, the hall and common usage area have motion sensors installed.


“KONE” elevators mounted. An elevator goes from the ground floor.

Garage floor (unheated):

One remote control for the main entrance and individual garage doors assigned to one garage / parking space. Entrance through automatic gates with sloping ramps and automatic fire system. Access from the building to the parking garage floor through the elevator and the stairs. Equipped with an automatic fire, CO and gas leak management systems. Flooring – polished concrete with a water drain system. Ceiling – naturally reinforced concrete. Automatic garage doors, numbered. Equipped with surface mounted wiring, general lighting with motion sensors installed. The garages have separate electricity meters, lighting. It is possible to electric vehicle charging stationsEach garage / parking place equipped with unheated bicycle storage.  Charging station price list. 


Roadway and pedestrian walkways lined with granite blocks. Installation of a lawn at the children’s playground. Illumination of the area. Water valve from the basement to connect the irrigation area. The area will be planted in accordance with the project.


At the entrance – a video camera and automatically lifted roadblock. Intercoms with access control installed (video function). One camera is installed in the underground parking lot, three video cameras monitor the exits from the underground car parks.

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